Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful

Warren BuffetIn times of uncertainty, when many fear the sky is falling and that there is no hope for recovery, the wise investors plant their seeds. The wise investors are not bothered that the seeds will not grow into anything for many years; This is expected and can be considered the price of admission for any good deal. This is because the wise investors fears not, for they know that when others are fearful, it is time to be greedy. When stability returns to the market, those who were fearful will turn into the greedy, and those who were once greedy will sell for large gains and return to fearfulness.

The famous investing philosophy to be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful comes from the king of wise investors, Warren Buffet. This philosophy is timelessly profound, can be applied to any form of investing, be it real estate, the stock market, etc., and is simple to understand.

When others are greedy, it commonly means a recession is soon to follow, or at the very least that a bubble exists. You should be putting into consideration all of the potential risks when you do investments in a time of greed. However when others are fearful, it usually means we are in a deep recession or soon near it. This is the time to be greedy, when prices are dropping like flies because people lose perception of value in the midst of all the chaos. During times of fearfulness is when all the bargains can be found, and where the seeds are planted.

Our economy will recover and collapse time and time again, that is for certain. What isn’t for certain is whether you will keep a clear head through it all and stay the wise investor.

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